Introducing KURMA Grip: The successor of a legendary yoga mat.

A new surface designed to never let you down.

We never tire of improving your experience on the mat.

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Why KURMA Grip?

The Surface

Inspired by and developed under close supervision of experienced yoga practitioners, the KURMA Grip sets a new standard in professional yoga mats. Engineered to provide an excellent grip from day one, with no break-in required. The innovative surface is an evolution of KURMA quality, setting a new bar for your performance on the mat.


Out of environmental concern, all KURMA Grip mats are produced in a German zero-emissions process according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. In the spirit of yoga, we focus on creating durable products, made to last. Along these lines, the entire range comes in rich colors, helping your mat look fresh for years to come.


According to Indian mythology, Kurma, the tortoise, symbolizes the unshakeable support of the world. Kurma stabilizes the universe during the eternal struggle of the forces of nature, heaven and the underworld. Similarly, the KURMA Grip mats are designed to offer maximum support and stability during the ups and downs of your yoga practice.

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Kurma Grip

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